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Contact lenses are comfortable and easy to wear for all ages and most vision problems.  Great for outdoors and travel or dressing up for a special occasion, they can add a new dimension to your life. 
If you have tried contact lenses before, but are not currently wearing them, it’s worth asking about new options. 
So just ask yourself whether there are times when you wish you didn’t have to wear glasses, and give contact lenses a try!

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How do I know which contact lenses to wear?

Think about how often you will want to wear contact lenses, and your budget.  Our team will be happy to give you more information about your options.

Can children wear contact lenses?

Yes, young people can wear contact lenses.  They are great for sport and are safe to wear.

My glasses are varifocals.  Can I wear contact lenses?

Multifocal contact lenses correct your vision for distance and reading, and are easy to get used to.

I tried contact lenses and couldn’t get on – should I try again?

There are new products which are easier to use, and a wider range of vision problems can be corrected with contact lenses.  Cleaning solutions are simple to use and more comfortable.  So successful wear is possible for many more people.

How do I get started?

The first step is to come in for an eye examination so that we have your up to date prescription.  You can discuss options with the optometrist, and book a fitting appointment when you will be able to try the lenses.
Several visits are needed during the first three months of wear.
Then aftercare is usually once or twice yearly to check vision, comfort and eye health.
My eyes are dry – can I wear contact lenses?
There are soft, moist contact lenses which can be worn by patients with mild dry eye.  Sometimes the moisture of the contact lens improves comfort, and slows down evaporation of tears.
Go to our Eyecare page to find out more about Dry Eye.
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