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At Sherratt Opticians we want you to be comfortable with your new look and excited to wear your new spectacles by choosing the combination of fashionable frames and precision lenses which suits both you and your lifestyle.

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Take your time in a relaxed and friendly environment to find the right choice!
Our trained professionals are here to help and advise on fashion, fit and comfort, and to use i-pad technology to show you the best styles.
And whether you want to invest your budget in designer brands, the best quality lens and coating, secondary pairs of spectacles for specific tasks or glasses for when you take out your contact lenses, we can match your requirements.

Frames start at just £39, and complete spectacles from our Lenscraft range are £59 or £99 for two pairs (conditions apply).Some people may be entitled to help from the NHS with the cost of their glasses. This includes children and full time students under the age of 19, and those receiving certain benefits.

To find out more about our range of quality frames, visit our Brands section or call in.
For seasonal offers on branded frames and lenses, visit our News Page.




Lens selection can feel overwhelming particularly if you are new to wearing glasses.
Our qualified Dispensing Opticians will guide you through the process, explaining the technology behind the options, and how this would work for YOU.
A good starting point for choosing lenses is
‘When will I be wearing my glasses?’

It is important to choose a frame that provides all-round visibility, and there are
lenses with better optics to give you a wider, clearer view of the road.
Driving in adverse conditions needs particular care, so consider
* Lenses designed for driving at night when glare from headlights and street lighting can impair vision especially in wet weather
* Tinted lenses for daytime driving in sun and glare
* Go to the Lifestyle Options on this page to find out more about these options

Are your glasses for distance, reading or multi-tasking?
Our eyes have their own zoom lens so that for a good number of years we may not need spectacles at all, or one single focus pair will enable us to see at any distance.
But from mid- thirties onwards, changing focus becomes a little slower until in our mid-forties we need a first pair of reading glasses, or a multi focal lens.

If you have tried reading glasses and found that they were constantly on and off, then think about an ‘Office’ or ‘Room Distance’ lens. They are reading glasses that you CAN walk around in.
Varifocal lenses are the nearest equivalent to the zoom effect of your own eyes, enabling you to focus at any distance with one pair of spectacles. This makes them ideal if you need to wear your glasses for most of the day.
Buying the best design of lens within your budget will make adapting easier, and will reduce distortion at the edge of the lens.
Choose the lens best suited to your lifestyle, taking into account driving, use of iPad and different devices, work situations and hobbies as well as sports and pastimes.
At Sherratt Opticians, we take the care needed to measure and fit your glasses with precision to give you the best quality vision.

Whether you wear your glasses all day long or just for reading, you will want them to feel comfortable.
All lenses are plastic, but they come in different grades of weight and thickness, called the ‘index’.
The higher the index, the thinner and lighter the lenses will be.
This becomes more important with stronger prescriptions and larger frames.
As well as being thinner and lighter, high index lenses give good UV protection and
are more impact resistant than standard plastic.


Contact lenses are a great choice.
Most of us at Sherratts like to wear them, but there are times when you do wear your glasses, and want them to both look good and work for you.
A new spectacle lens option is called ‘Energise Me’, and is specially designed for after contact lens removal when your eyes want to relax.
You may also want prescription sunglasses for your ‘no contact lens’ days eg by the pool on holiday.
When you pay for your contact lenses on our monthly scheme, you are entitled to 20% discount on your glasses



Drivesafe is a lens designed to enhance vision in low light conditions. Perfect for driving especially when roads are wet, it reduces the glare from headlights and surface reflections.
Ask about this option when you visit Sherratt Opticians, and we will demonstrate this and other reflection free lenses.


If you want protection from glare night and day, try reacting lenses with an additional clear coating.
Photofusion lenses with a Duravision coating are the fastest reacting lenses and are suitable for night driving.

Outdoors they will darken to a sunglass tint, and give 100% UV protection.

For full sun and UV protection, Sherratt Opticians advise a darker fixed tint with the option of a polarising filter for enhanced comfort in glare.

This lens is perfect for driving, holidays, fishing and other water sports.


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